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Advantages & Benefits

Why consider an auction as a seller?

Auctions provide ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ marketing.  Auctions are a win-win situation, created by the Auctioneer, the professional marketing executive, trained and experienced at conducting public auctions. Auctioneers dedicate many long hours to prepare a single auction. When the gavel falls, the outcome is positive for both the buyer and the seller.


If you need to sell your property quickly, at or above the market price, an auction may be just right for you!

Here are the 5 Distinct Benefits of Selling YOUR real estate at auction:
  • Immediate action – you know exactly when your property will sell!
  • Prospective buyers must commit to purchase your property at a definite time and place. No waffling or playing the waiting game.
  • Prospective buyers KNOW that the property will sell to the highest bidder at a specific time and place, so all eyes are on your property.
  • A well-advertised and attended auction reaches a fair market price quickly and fairly; price squeezing doesn’t happen when the market determines a price.
  • An auction is the only way to sell with a good possibility of obtaining a higher price than the original asking price.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me and let's discuss the options! You will be amazed at the advantages!


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